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Daikin Applied

Semi-Custom Indoor/Outdoor Air Handling Units
Packaged Roof Top Systems
Energy Recovery Air Handler Units
Water Cooled Oiled and Oiless Chillers
Air Cooled Chillers
Next Generation Refrigerant Equipment
Heat Pumps
Fan Coil Units
Condensing Units
Unit Ventilators
Vertical Stack AC Units
Hydronic Heating & Cooling Coils
Evaporator Coils
Intelligent Controls


High Efficiency Dual Core Heat Recovery Units
Fixed Plate Heat Recovery Ventilators
Energy Recovery Wheel Units
Configurable/Modular High Efficiency HRUs
Semi-Custom Air Handling Units 

Bell & Gossett

Centrifugal Base Mount and Inline Pumps
Variable Speed Pumping Systems
Pump Accessories and Engineered Products
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Gasketed/Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
Condensate Recovery Systems
Pressure Booster Systems
Air Elimination and Dirt Separators
Expansion Tanks
Monitoring and Controls
Wastewater Packages and Accessories


Rooftop Air Handling Units
Air Cooled Condensing Units
Indoor Air Handling Units
Air Source Heat Pumps
Air Cooled Chillers
Fan Coils
Commercial Furnaces

Haakon Industries

Fully Custom Air Handling Solutions
Rooftop Mechanical Room Packages


Commercial & Industrial Fans
Laboratory Exhaust Fans
Gravity/Powered Roof Ventilators
Smoke Control Fans
Kitchen Exhaust Fans
Material Handling Blowers
High Volume Low Speed Fans
Mobile Air Purification Systems
Energy Recovery Ventilators
Fan Control Systems


Grilles, Registers & Diffusers
Displacement Grilles & Diffusers
Critical Environment Grilles & Diffusers
Terminal Units
Fire/Smoke Dampers
Control/Balancing Dampers
Backdraft Dampers
Mobile Air Purification Systems
Air Duct Accessories

Daikin Comfort

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems 
Residential Split AC and Heat Pump Systems
Multi-Port Split Heat Pump Systems
Commercial Split AC and Heat Pump Systems
Packaged Roof Top Systems
Residential Fan Coils
Residential Furnaces
Air Cooled Condensing Units
Residential Air Handlers
Evaporator Coils
Intelligent Controls


Cooling Towers
Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers
Adiabatic Fluid Coolers
Thermal Energy Storage
Water Treatment Systems


Commercial Hydronic Boilers
Residential Wall Hung Boilers
Domestic Hot Water Heaters
Residential & Commercial Pool & Spa Heaters
Storage Tanks


Indoor/Outdoor Electric Humidifiers
Indoor/Outdoor Gas Fired Humidifiers 
Direct Steam Injection Humidifiers
Steam Exchange Humidifiers
In-Space Adiabatic Humidifiers
Evaporative Media Humidifiers
High Pressure In-Duct Humidifiers
Ultrasonic Humidifiers 
Water Treatment Systems
Desiccant Wheel Dehumidifiers

Clima Cool

Water Cooled Modular Chillers & Heat Pumps
Air Cooled Modular Chillers & Heat Pumps
Heat Recovery Chillers & Heat Pumps


Ductless Split Air Conditioners
Ducted Heat Pumps
Residential Air Handlers


Variable Frequency Speed Drives
Drive Accessories
Commercial/Industrial Applications


High Efficiency Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems
Air Purification Systems
Fire Suppression and Safety Systems
Commercial Kitchen Hoods
Recirculating Kitchen Units
Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery Units
Pollution Control/Ecology Units
Kitchen Rated Grease Accessories
Demand Control Ventilation Systems
Controls for Kitchen Exhaust
Condensate Hoods


Indoor Pool / Natatorium Air Handling Systems

Zehnder Rittling

Finned Tube Radiation
Custom Wall Fin Enclosures
Cabinet Unit Heaters
Horizontal & Vertical Unit Heaters
Panel Radiators
Linear Ceiling Panels

VAW Systems

Sound Attenuation Products
Commercial and Industrial Silencers
Vibration Isolation
Clean Room Air Handling Units
Acoustic Enclosures
Sound Blankets/Jackets


Motorized Dampers
Fire Dampers

Camfil Air Pollution Control

Dust Collection Systems
Fume Extraction Systems
Oil/Mist Collectors
Explosion Isolation & Mitigation Systems
Portable Fume Collectors
Customizable and Modular Designs


Fluid Coolers
Air Cooled Condensers
Heating & Cooling Coils
Air Cooled Refrigeration Systems


Air Cooled Chillers
Water Cooled Chillers
High Denisty Rack Cooling
Cooling Systems
Pump Stations
Compressed Air Treatment

Niles Steel Tank

Chilled Water Buffer Tanks
Hydraulic Separators
Storage Tanks
Water Heaters


Hot Water Boilers 
Steam Boilers
Steam Auxiliary Equipment


Venting Solutions for Hot Water Condensing Appliances Featuring Super Ferritic Stainless Steel (29-4C) and 316L Stainless Steel

Selkirk Metalbestos

Commercial and Industrial Chimneys 
Multi-Use Pressure Stack
Modular Fire Rated & Non-Fire Rated Duct Systems 
Grease Ducts 
Ventilation Ducts


Vehicle and Bus Carbon Monoxide Exhaust Capture Equipment
Industrial Welding Fume Capture Components and Accessories
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Under Slab Duct Systems
Light and Industrial Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems
Weld Fume Collection Systems
Articulating Lab Arm Systems
Capture Hoses, Booms, Arms & Adapters
Portable Fume Extractors


Linear Radiant Ceiling Panels
Modular Radiant Ceiling Panels (Drop-In)
Custom Radiant Ceiling Panels
Active & Passive Chilled Beams


Ultraviolet Surface Disinfection Systems
Ultraviolet Air Stream Disinfection Systems
Portable Air Purification Systems

AC Fire Pump

Conventional Fire Pump Systems 
Custom Fire Pump Systems


Residential Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery Ventilators
Light Commercial Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery Ventilators
Rooftop Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery Ventilators
Air Exchangers
Passive Air Exchangers


Residential HRVs & ERVs
Passive House Certified HRVs
Commercial HRVs & ERVs
High-Efficiency Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers


Vertical Unit Ventilators
Vertical Classroom Heat Pumps

Engineered Comfort

Vertical and Horizontal Fan Coils

Big Ass Fans

High Volume Low Speed Ceiling Fans


ECM Fan Arrays


Security Grilles & Diffusers
Security Grates
Access Doors & Panels
Specialty Diffuser Boxes
Architectural Wall Caps

Verano by MDL Solutions

Trench Fan Coils & Convectors
Ducted Fan Coils
Wall Mounted Cabinet Fan Coils & Convectors
Low Temperature Radiators
Cassette and Wall Mounted Fan Coils
Low Profile Baseboard Heaters
Bench Heaters

Vibro Acoustics

Rubber and Spring isolators
Hanging and Base-Mounted Vibration Isolation
Neoprene Isolation Pads
Seismic Inline Pump Stands
Seismic Isolation
Cooling Tower Bases
Floating Floors

Applied Comfort

Electric Heat/Cool PTAC’s
Heat Pump PTAC’s
Hydronic PTAC’s
Energy Efficient Inverter Duty PTAC’s

Runtal Radiators

Towel Radiators
Steam Radiators
Commercial / Institutional Radiators
Electric Baseboards


TowerClean Systems
SideStream Clean Systems
HTH/HTX Separators
Tower System Media Filters
Tower System Sand Filters


Commercial & Industrial FRP Centrifugal and Axial Fans 
Laboratory Exhaust Systems 
FRP Air Scrubbers


Special Filtration Indoor Air Quality Air Handling Units 
Gas Phase Filtration 
Filter Testing Services 
Industrial Filtration/Air Scrubbers 
Electric Duct Coil 
Heat Recovery Units 
Heat Pipe Heat Recovery Coils 
Capillary Heat Wheel

Northern Blower

Commercial and Industrial Applications
Centrifugal/Inline Centrifugal/Axial Plug Fans
Roof Exhausters


Direct Fired Make-Up Air Units
Indirect Fired Make-Up Air Units
Electric Make-Up Air Units


Louvered Penthouses
Backdraft Dampers
Vision Screens


Electric Heating Coils
Electric Make-Up Air Units
Electric Boilers
Steam Humidifiers


Glycol Make-Up System Feeders
Condensate Neutralization Tanks
Side Stream Filter Packages
Chemical By-Pass Feeder
Sight Flow Indicators
PEX-Pal Tubing Organizer

Griswold Controls

Pre-Assembled Hose Kits
Automatic Flow Control Valves
Combination Control Valves
Manual Balancing Valves
Pressure Independent Control Valves
Piping Components and Accessories

Watson McDaniel

Pressure and Temperature Regulators
Steam Traps
Relief Valves 
Pressure Motive Pumps 
Specialty Product 
Liquid Drainers
Float and Lever Valves


Pressure Independent Control Valves
Adjustable Cartridge Automatic Balancing Valves
Automatically Balanced Temperature Control Valves
Thermostatic Control Valves
3-Way By-Pass Modules


Stainless Steel Braided Flexible Connectors
Bellows - Type Expansion Joints
Pressurized - Type Expansion Joints
Tri-Flex Loop


Pressure Gauges
Temperature and Pressure Controlled Valves

Hoffman Specialty

Disc Steam Traps
F&T Traps
Inverted Bucket Traps
Pressure Reducing Valves - Pilot Operated
Radiator Valves
Temperature Regulating Valves
Thermostatic Traps


Thermal Ice Storage Systems

McDonnell & Miller

Boiler Controls
Feeders & Low Water Cut-Off 
Flow Switches 
Control Valves
Liquid Level Controls 
Pump Control & Alarm Switches 
Relief Valves

Epsilon Industries Inc.

Chiller/Boiler Plants
Pump/Heat Transfer Packages
Hydronic Pump Systems
Mechanical Corridors for Rooftop Custom Air Handlers

Domestic Pump

Condensate Pumping Packages
Boiler Feed Pumping and Feed Units
Centriflo and Series B Low NPSH Pumps
Vacuum Heating Units
Combination Vacuum/Boiler Feed Unit Pumping Packages

HBX Control Systems Inc.

Control Solutions for Boilers, Geothermal, Solar and Snow Melt Applications
Thermostats & Zone Controls And Wireless Controls